The CHW Model is opening lines of communication among partners to bring down silos and improving the health of the community

IN HEC-CHW identifies and addresses state district COVID-19 and the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) needs among Indiana health disparity populations, foster communication, and synergy, and ultimately evaluates and demonstrates the effectiveness of the (CHW) Model.

This model’s characteristics are as follows:

  • It involves having at least 1 District Health Equity Council CHW in Indiana’s Health Preparedness Districts.
  • Partners with Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) who serve the populations experiencing health disparities.
  • Create synergy amongst CBOs across county lines to unite the district’s efforts.
  • Promotes utilizing the skills and leadership of CHWs in the CBOs to reach the community’s vulnerable population through coalition building and research.
  • Develop a district action plan to guide in partnership with CBOs to gather data on change-causing strategies.
  • Come alongside CBOs to develop sustainable strategies to improve the district’s wellness.